Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ooh La La

Friday, January 11, 2013

Awesome cool things

I stumbled upon this little company called Stitch FixStitch Fix is a clothing website that is still in its Beta stages so first you sign up, you get an invite, you answer a bunch of questions about your style,sizes, etc and then you choose a price point and choose a date. You then enter your credit card (very secure). Anyways when you do all of that you will get a box. Inside there’ll be 5 clothing/accessory pieces. If you want any, the $20 charge to your card for receiving the box will apply to that purchase (Awesome right $20 off a purchase and as a bonus if you decide to keep all items from your fix you get and additional 25% off ). The clothing you don’t want you simple just put it back into the box/envelope and make sure to send it back to them within 3 days!!!
So if you are interested please do sign up and start receiving your box. My first box is set to be delivered on January 12. So click my referral link and when you receive your box of clothing I will be credited $25.00 and in return you can invite more of your friends and also receive that $25.00 credit! Have Fun!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Live your life for you not through someone else

The hardest thing in life is trying to find out who you are in this world. The reason for your existence. The reason why God blessed you with life. Sometimes I feel so lost and just out of place. Like I don’t fit in. As someone growing up you are desperately trying to find your identity and place in this world. The only advice I can give you is to enjoy this journey called life. It may not start off the way you want it but in the end happiness will find you once you start living life for you and not through someone else.

A little goes a long way

If you are the type of person who sits there and says when I get money i'll do this and i'll do that you probably will be sitting there and waiting instead of actually living life. A little goes a long way!! Live life.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello Future I made some Plans Finally!!!!!!! :)

So it's been a while since I have given you guys an update about what has been going on in my life. The last couple of days a lot has come to light and I thought why not share it with my readers. I have been thinking of moving to Los Angeles to kind of find myself as adult and also learn to be a responsible adult. I currently live with my parents and even though I work and pay my own bills (cell phone and credit cards) I am not really independent. I depend on my parents to cook me meals and I don't really do much around the house (I'm lazy). I really would love to be able to move out to Los Angeles find an apartment,roommates and live my life and make adult decisions about things in my life. I also want to make this move because it will be the boldest thing I have ever done. I am kind of conservative when it comes to making decisions if it's risky or not safe enough for me I put it off and give up on my goals. I also wanted to move out to California because I found this amazing school that specializes in Nutrition and Dietetics. I recently changed my major because God placed this amazing idea on my heart. I want to help recovering Eating Disorder patients by becoming a nutritionist/dietician. I know you are probably thinking why just don't become a therapist. I don't really want to be only counseling someone who recovered from an eating disorder. I want to do more. I want to be on the food side of their recovering process. As a aspiring nutritionist I feel as though I can help someone who is in recovery more than just being there therapist. I want to be that person outside their family who is on their side when it comes to getting back in the groove of healthy eating habits. I want to be that person who teaches them that food is safe and they don't have to be afraid or obsess over how much calories. I also want to dive into this career field because one of my passions is to open a Clean Eating catering company and California will be the perfect place to grow all of my produce and also have animals on a farm because the weather is perfect on the West Coast (haha I originally typed West Side). I originally wanted to bring this catering company to the East Coast preferably in Connecticut because the summers there are perfect but the weather in the winter is so unpredictable I wouldn't want it to be a major flop when it comes to growing my own produce.  I am still pondering on the idea though so it isn't out the window. I foresee such a successful business when it comes to a Clean Eating Catering company in Connecticut because there isn't one like it around where I live. The only one I have heard about is one that is based out in Florida. I am excited for all my new plans and ideas for my future. Let's just cross our fingers and hope and prayer that I get to do all of this and no obstacles will ruin my chance of fulfilling my dreams. So this is all that I have for now. I promise to update a lot more because I have so much stuff in the works for this blog but I will explain all of that in another blog update. 

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